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Packing Info

Items included in your camper
Here is a general list of what is already in your camper and some ideas of what you might want to bring along. 
  • Each bed has a clean fitted sheet already on it.  

  • Hand soap

  • Hand towel

  • 3-4 rolls of toilet paper  

  • Paper Towels

The kitchen has most things you would need to prepare a meal:

  • Single serve coffee maker (uses K-cups or ground coffee)

  • Toaster

  • Microwave

  • Cook range

  • A few pots and pans

  • A variety of bowls

  • Utensils 

  • Dish soap

  • Broom and dust pan

  • Cleaning spray

Things to Pack
  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Extra 1 ply toilet paper (won't clog the system)

  • Bath towels

  • Hygiene items

  • Plates

  • Tableware

  • Napkins

  • Extra paper towels

  • Cooking Oils

  • Food

  • Lawn chairs

  • Outdoor cooking items

  • Bug Spray 

  • Outdoor rug

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