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Make your next camping trip as easy as possible.  You make the reservations, we do the rest!

How It Works

  1. Check availability for both campsites and campers.

  2. Secure a campsite. Visit to make your campsite reservation.

  3. Choose a camper that best fits your needs.  Reserve your camper.

  4. Show up on the date of your reservation.  We'll take care of dropping off and setting up your camper. 




All our campers have been selected with you in mind.  Whether you are looking for space for just a few or space for many, we have a camper to fit your needs. 

*Reservations must be made at least one day in advance





We serve Rathbun Lake and the surrounding area.  Rentals beyond the Rathbun area may be charged a mileage fee for delivery. 

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